Betaflight 4 Tuning, Tips, RPM Filters and Setup

This is not a how-to (yet), its a collection of links, notes and videos around betaflight 4 and all the new RPM filtering with bidirectional DSHOT. This is a work in progress and will be updated….

RPM filtering if you have the hardware is amazing. Next to zero prop wash, cleaner logs, and lower latency. Bidirectional DSHOT requires 32-bit BLHeli ESC’s flashed with a beta version of their firmware. In short, it enables telemetry data to be sent over the signal wire at a much higher speed/pace then the standard telemetry. The ESC’s will now send RPM data back for each motor back to Betaflight for use with RPM filtering.

This is not enabled by default in 4.0, and it does require a bit of setup and testing to make sure your hardware can handle it before going out and ripping around. The wiki over at the betaflight github is full with information on how to get up and going, specifically check out this link:


After doing some reading head grab the latest version of the BLHELI_32 software here: Then head over the to BLHELI 32 github page: where you will find the latest “test” hex files for your ESC. Make sure when you go ahead and flash that you choose the file you downloaded to flash for every single ESC.

Flash the latest betaflight 4.0 RC (release candidate), as of today its on RC5. Do a clean flash and wipe the settings a few times in the configurator once you have it flashed. You want to start from a clean slate, do not paste previous full dumps into the CLI. Rates and OSD dumps are fine, but everything else should be setup by hand according to the instructions in the Wiki.

My betaflight settings are on the build log I put together. You should never copy settings start from scratch and follow the wiki closely. Just linking this as a reference:


Github –
Wiki –
Betaflight 4.0 Setup Notes (Ton of valuale information here) –
RPM Filtering & Bidirectional DSHOT-
BLHELI Github –


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