Quadcopter / Drone Free Fly Added To Event At Cedar Creek Park For July 23rd 2017

Nassau Flyers & Safety Third Racing (S3FPV) are putting on a quadcopter and fpv racing demo at Cedar Creek Park aerodrome July 23rd 2017 at 11:00am, this field is also known as Raoul Lufbery Field. For more information about the quadcopter / drone demo that will be done please see here: https://lifpv.com/fpv-quadcopter-drone-racing-demo-cedar-creek-park-july-23rd-2017/

If you plan on attending the event and wish to participate in the “Free Fly” Please use the form linked below, you must have a AMA card and fill out all of your information.  Someone from the Nassau Flyers club will reach out to you before the event with your assigned frequency and other information.


Free Fly Guidelines

During the Safetythird event at no point should you plug in. You may however plug in your headset and spectate if you wish.

Free fly will take place sometime after the presentation. This will be announced.

During this Free fly we’ll only be allowing FPV no LOS.lg

We will be using Raceband for the free fly. Channels and groups will be sent out the night before.  

The below are Safteythird’s guidelines for a free fly. We will be following their rules and be enforced by Nassau Flyers.

Monitored flying on the field. Starting with the first pilot, you fly through ONE lipo or two crashes, whichever happens first.

You will be assigned a video frequency and group in advance, this frequency will be shared with pilots in other groups.  If you are not ready to fly when it’s your turn please swap with a pilot in another group who is sharing the same video frequency.

Coordinate with your freq buddies.  Work out your issues, tweaks, practice the course slowly. Make sure you have charged lipos,  keep adequate props and prop wrench handy.  


Behavior and Etiquette

  •         Put on your goggles before plugging in
  •         Plug in AWAY from the pits in the LAUNCH AREA
  •         After plugging in, LAUNCH QUICKLY!  You are swamping the pilots nearby
  •         If you crash, DISARM IMMEDIATELY.
  •         When retrieving a quad UNPLUG IMMEDIATELY.
  •         Exit the field 90 degrees from the crash site – keep the field clear
  •         If you are the last person on the field, shout ‘FIELD CLEAR’


  •         “Plugging in F2” when plugging in on your frequency (Free fly only)
  •         If you hear ‘VIDEO VIDEO” Unplug immediately, ask questions later
  •         “ON THE FIELD” Shout this before entering the field.  WAIT for a response.
  •         If you hear someone call it,  REPEAT IT so it travels down the line.  The pilots at either end cannot hear each other.
  •         If you are flying at that time, go up 15′ and identify where the that person is. Be mindful of their motions and do not fly the course near anyone on the field.  If we have too many field entries we will batch them.  No exceptions – you may not use your judgment unless you are placing first or second in every competition and have qualified in national events.


Entering the field during free fly.  After shouting ‘ON THE FIELD‘ and hearing response(s), you may cautiously enter the field.  BE MINDFUL OF QUADS FLYING THE TRACK.  Do not walk in front of a gate if possible.  Do not enter the field in a diagonal, walk along the flight line until you are perpendicular to your quad and retrieve using the same path.  This will enable any pilots to predict your motion since you will be always traveling perpendicular to the flight line.

If you are about to cross a known flight path, OBSERVE TO SEE IF A QUAD IS COMING.  SHOUT “ON THE FIELD” again if you don’t think the pilot is aware.

If you lose control either by impacting an obstacle, quad or just being disoriented , do not punch out.  Cut throttle and disarm immediately.  If you are losing control at your present flight speed,  it is likely you will crash by punching out.  Serious damage is likely to occur if your quad strikes something or worse, someone, and nobody wants that.

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