Vote NO on NY Senate Bill S1979 – Criminalize UAV Flying

All New Yorkers are urged to immediately OPPOSE the NY Senate Bill S1979.  Select “NAY” and let your senator know you do not support this bill.  There are federal laws which already cover commercial and recreational use of UAV / Drones / RC, there is no need for any more.  It will create confusion and additional unneeded hurdles for those that fly.  Please spread this to all NY family and friends, get the word out.



TITLE OF BILL : An act to amend the penal law, in relation to
unlawful use of a drone


This bill creates the crime of unlawful use of a drone.


Section one of the bill amends section 240.00 of the penal as it
relates to the definitions of drone, restricted airspace and personal

Section two of the bill amends the penal law by adding a new section
240.80 as it relates to creating the crime of unlawful use of a drone.
During personal use, an individual is guilty of unlawful use of an
unmanned aircraft when operating an aircraft more than 400 feet above
ground level or weighing more than 10 pounds. In addition, an
individual is guilty of unlawful use if an unmanned aircraft is used
without a visual line of sight, within a restricted airspace, in a
reckless manner, in a manner intended to harass or annoy, or below one
hundred feet above ground level on private property without the
owner’s consent. Unlawful use of an unmanned aircraft is a violation.
Section three of the bill relates to the effective date.


This bill would provide reasonable regulations for the personal use of
drones. Currently, the FAA has banned commercial use of drones as it
develops guidelines which are expected to be released at the end of
2015. Although commercial operations are regulated, the FAA does not
govern recreational drone use therefore leaving it wholly unregulated
and susceptible to reckless use by civilians. There have been many
instances over the past several months of drones flown irresponsibly
in close proximity to airports and bridges. This bill would ensure
safe and proper use of drones by establishing reasonable restrictions
that protect the public.


2015-16: S.6306/A.3597 Referred to Codes.


None to the State.

This act shall take effect on the first of November next succeeding
the date upon which it shall have become law.


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